Maximizing your potential is the foundation for Ed’s work. Layoffs, the political landscape, dealing with the pandemic, and getting use to a number of new normal like working remotely, has taken a mental and financial toll on us all. The energy and focus of people who would otherwise be achieving at a higher level is not operating at its optimal level. Ed’s work for the past decade has centered around the concept that individuals have not reached their peak performance. Regardless of your work as an employee or employer, there is always better! A better level of understanding yourself and those along side you are critical to how effective you can be.


It’s been said that we interact with more than 3,000 brands every day! From the moment we wake up until the time we go back to bed, we are inundated with what is referred to as ‘noise’. Companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals trying to get our attention. So, what’s wrong with that, you might ask? That is the problem. Our attention is spread all over the place and we rarely have time to simply be ourselves. Our focus is splintered and we so often try to respond to family, friends, work, religion, advertisements, exercising, significant others, and the list goes on.

Responding to this challenge, Ed has written a very meaningful book, challenging his audiences to refocus their skills and talents on their passion and their personal legacy!


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