Along your journey toward success, there are distractions and distractors. You must recognize them for what and who they are. In order to move beyond the hurdles that only you can see, you must understand your God-given purpose, establish your path into the future and execute only the activities that get you closer to your goals. Signs of your strength, ability and power lie dormant inside, awaiting your command. Finding your Focus is the critical next step as you define who you are and what legacy you will create! As you balance bills, school, family, a career, friends and so much more, this book provides forward-thinking strategies for getting closer to the vision you have for your life. It offers practical solutions to anyone who has or is experiencing the challenge of feeling frustrated, confused or stuck. As you seek to better understand how to use your passion, talents, and relationships, knowing that the road ahead will not be easy, Finding My Focus offers essential techniques in terms of aligning your activities for success with your personalized values and unique goals. Finding My Focus